Japan offers a window into a world of amazing contrasts. Here you’ll find the home of cutting-edge technology and ancient temples where people flock to share a peaceful moment. Here pristine gardens showcasing the beauty of nature sit in the shadows of soaring steel-clad skyscrapers, and the delicate and fragile beauty of cherry blossom in the spring months is flooded by neon light as the sun goes down.

Hop on a high speed bullet train, sample sushi from a conveyor belt, soak in an open air hot spring and find the best spots to photograph Mount Fuji – a cruise to Japan is full of surprises.


Virtually experience the Mount Fuji Tour



Beyond the tapering skyscrapers and shanty bars, you’ll find a city holding more Michelin stars than any other. Whether you’re after upmarket sushi or food stall noodles, you’ll find gastronomic delights to suit all palates.

As for tourist attractions, the spring months are famous for elegant blossom-lined streets, while autumn is the maples’ time to shine in Shinjuku Gyoen, a garden which originated during the Edo Period.

From the latest trends and technology, to pop culture icons and solemn shrines, you’ll encounter a passionate city that remains faithful to its ancient roots.


In Kyoto, lorded as the most beautiful and culturally rich city in Japan, you’ll discover “old Japan” with its temples, shrines, palaces and pagodas as well as traditions such as flower arranging and the tea ceremony.

Here you could visit the extraordinary Nijo Castle, the official residence of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, the Temple of the Gold Pavilion or the Heian Shrine and Garden. You may even spot a kimono-wearing geisha on your travels.


Mount Fuji

Quite possibly one of the most serenity evoking images in the world, the sight of Mount Fuji reflected in the peaceful waters of Lake Ashi is a tantalising one.

A must-do experience on any Asia bucket-list, it is an iconic symbol of Japan, and one that you can experience during an Imagine Cruising Mount Fuji tour.

Your fully escorted tour will let you explore this sacred site, looped with walking trails and dotted with shrines and active hot springs.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom season is one of the most anticipated and celebrated times of the year. Not only is the sight of the cherry trees awash with perfectly pink blooms truly beautiful, it is also a symbol of hope and renewal.

Known as sakura, the cherry blossoms are revered and admired across the country as the locals enjoy hanami – which literally means ‘looking at flowers’ – holding picnics under the trees to marvel at the blooms.


Discover the Mount Fuji Tour

Enjoy a fully escorted tour of Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain. Take in stunning panoramic views before you ride the Hakone Ropeway cable car, seeing the steaming hot springs from above. You’ll also enjoy a boat trip across the serene Lake Ashi, a picturesque crater lake with crystal clear waters, before the bullet trains whisks you back to Tokyo.

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