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DAY 1 | 6 Jan
Embark Ship - Itinerary Desktop .jpg
Tilbury - Embark Columbus

Begin your cruise in Tilbury where you’ll embark the spacious and splendid Columbus. On board and unpacked, you’re free to make yourself at home by raising a glass and settling in to your first evening. With a delicious range of cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to feed your appetite first.

DAY 2 | 7 Jan
itinerary - Rotterdam.jpg

Rotterdam is a city full of energy, with a distinctly modern feel to it. It has a lively arts scene and superb nightlife, while the zoo and the arboretum offer a more tranquil place to visit. There are plenty of monuments and museums to explore around the city, as well as some beautiful historic churches.

DAY 3 - 4 | 8 - 9 Jan
At Sea
DAY 5 | 10 Jan
itinerary2 - Porto.jpg

Discover the charm of this pint-sized city from Gothic buildings to its tangled cobblestone streets. Sample delicious port, one of Porto’s most famous exports, at a port wine lodge then explore the city on a traditional tram before tasting excellence in one of its Michelin-star restaurants. For the perfect after-dinner walk, stroll along the seafront and witness the blue sky stretching out over the sea.

DAY 6 - 7 | 11 - 12 Jan
At Sea
DAY 8 | 13 Jan

These volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic are full of natural beauty and dramatic features that make them the perfect adventure playground. Huge craters and volcanic lakes create stunning scenery and are perfect for hiking, cycling or even paragliding. The surrounding wild Atlantic offers superb whale watching opportunities as well as surfing and water sports.

DAY 9 - 14 | 14 - 19 Jan
At Sea
DAY 15 | 20 Jan

Barbados is a country of natural beauty, vibrant culture and friendly locals that welcomes visitors with open arms. The coastline offers beach paradise, while a walk into the city reveals many shops, selling everything from designer clothes to the famous Barbados rum. Take an island safari to learn about the area’s history and culture, or visit the dramatic and beautiful landscape of Bathsheba, home to white-sand beaches, verdant parks and striking rock formations.

DAY 16 | 21 Jan
St George's (Grenada)

A favourite Caribbean destination, St Georges’ moderate tropical climate means this leafy island is perfect for growing spices such as nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. The hilly Grenadian capital is also one of the top ten yacht destinations in the world, meaning its picturesque port plays host to some impressive boats owned by international high-rollers.

DAY 17 - 18 | 22 - 23 Jan
At Sea
DAY 19 | 24 Jan
itinerary - Cartagena.jpg

The jewel of Colombia, Cartagena lies on its northern Caribbean coast and is an appealing mish-mash of Spanish colonial buildings and modern, sun-bleached high-rises. Get lost amongst the battlements of the formidable San Felipe de Barajas castle, built by the Spanish in the 16th century, or delve into its UNSECO-listed Old Town along cobblestone streets, past a rainbow of coloured houses with idyllic balconies overlooking the bustling lanes below.

DAY 20 | 25 Jan
7 Day   Panama Canal    Itinerary Desktop
Colón (Panama)

Colón is the Caribbean entrance to the Panama, where you can marvel on the engineering feats of the Gatun locks, or take a relaxing dip in the un-spoilt Gatun Lake. In nearby Portobello you can discover the ruins of the Spanish forts, watch the colorful yachts sailing in the bay or hunt for treasures in the local markets.

DAY 21 | 26 Jan
Panama Canal - Itinerary Desktop .jpg
Panama Canal (Scenic Cruising)

Quite simply, the Panama Canal is so much more than a functional link between the world’s two great oceans. Immense locks along the Panama Canal’s 80km raise cruise ships 26 metres, as you come face to face with the canal sides and then enjoy the sights and sounds of the colourful birds and animals that inhabit the lush forests beyond.

DAY 22 - 30 | 27 - 4 Feb
At Sea (Cross the Equator)
DAY 31 | 5 Feb
Nuku Hiva (French Polynesia)

Nuku Hiva is a beautiful island blanketed in breathtaking landscapes and beauty. Hike through the deep valleys, past the stunning Ahui waterfall to the picturesque Anaho bay with views of rolling landscapes and dramatic scenery due to the island’s volcanic origins. Snorkel in the crystal waters and experience a colourful underwater marine paradise.

DAY 32 | 6 Feb
At Sea
DAY 33 - 34 | 7 - 8 Feb
itinerary - Papeete.jpg
Pape'ete (Tahiti)

Pape’ete harbour is full of hustle and bustle surrounded by a mass of crystal water and sandy white beaches. Tahiti has a bustling, vibrant feeling with markets lining the streets, a colourful boulevard and numerous sidewalk cafés. Tahiti is home to a few villages and small beaches offering trips to view stunning waterfalls, archaeological sites and caves, making it the perfect nirvana getaway.

DAY 35 | 9 Feb
itinerary - Bora Bora.jpg
Bora Bora

Beautiful Bora Bora possesses a stunning mountainous landscape surrounded by white sandy beaches and glistening turquoise waters. This island is renowned for hosting many celebrities over the years because it really is a piece of paradise. The lagoon is three times the size of the island and is home to an abundance of beautiful marine life. You can hire bikes and circle the whole island taking in the breathtaking views and tropical wildlife.

DAY 36 | 10 Feb

Follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook, who arrived here on HMS Endeavour in 1769, and explore Huahine, part of the Society Islands. A favourite tourist spot on this rainforest-covered island is a stream where a tangle of freshwater eels slither and writhe in the shallow water. Regarded as sacred by the locals, these pampered fish are fed chunks of tinned tuna, which you can buy on the spot.

DAY 37 | 11 Feb
At Sea
DAY 38 | 12 Feb
itinerary - Rarotonga.jpg

The volcanic island of Rarotonga is the most populous of the Cook Islands and is surrounded by a lagoon rich in aquatic life, making it a snorkelers’ paradise. Although the interior of the island is densely forested and studded with mountains, there are designated hiking trails. Alternatively relax on the palm-dotted pristine beaches that fringe most of the island and paddle in the gentle, teal waters of the lagoon.

DAY 39 - 41 | 13 - 15 Feb
At Sea (Cross International Date Line)
DAY 42 | 16 Feb
itinerary - Nuku'alofa.jpg

Nuku’alofa is an island surrounded by sun-kissed beaches and turquoise waters. Dubbed as the ‘Home of Love’, Nuku’alofa is an island perfect for experiencing the local culture and lifestyle. Walk around the small enclave for beautiful views of the stunning landscape. Snorkel in the crystal waters and see a colourful underwater marine paradise. Visit the Royal Palace for spectacular cultural shows put on by the local Tongan people.

DAY 43 - 45 | 17 - 19 Feb
At Sea
DAY 46 | 20 Feb
19 Day - Auckland - Itinerary Desktop.jpg

This charming city is set in the surroundings of skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, hiking trails and an abundance of shops, bars and restaurants. Here you’ll find something for everyone: stunning countryside, black sandy beaches and great food.

DAY 47 - 48 | 21 - 22 Feb
At Sea
DAY 49 | 23 Feb
Sydney - Itinerary Desktop.jpg

As you arrive in Sydney, the striking sights of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge will welcome you with open arms. As Australia's most cosmopolitan city, you can expect breathtaking energy as you roam the bustling streets, exploring the sights of this spectacular destination.

DAY 50 | 24 Feb
Sydney - shutterstock_349407779.jpg
Sydney - Disembark Columbus and Hotel Stay

After you’ve discovered some of its more iconic sights, you can uncover this city of many delights from its classy bars in Darling Harbour to the many museums and galleries. Admire the captivating works at the Museum of Contemporary Art, star gaze from the planetarium in Sydney's Observatory or amble through the beautiful greenery of The Royal Botanic Garden.

DAY 51 | 25 Feb
Sydney   Bondi Beach   Itinerary Desktop
Sydney - Hotel Stay

Take a guided walk around the city’s Royal Botanic Garden and uncover the diverse plant life. Wander the coastal, cliff-side paths, with rock pools and secluded bays, where you can watch surfers ride the waves. Embrace the city’s rich heritage and seek out the aboriginal rock carvings near Mackenzies Point or tour the Rocks and learn about Australia’s first European settlement.



An impressive ship, the Columbus enjoys a sterling reputation and offers the same class and traditional style that Cruise and Maritime Voyages is known for. Combining spacious surroundings and friendly service with fabulous entertainment and delicious cuisine, Columbus is the perfect choice for travellers looking for the ultimate experience and comfort. Not only is it primarily adult-only, you’ll find a highly-acclaimed entertainment team with a resident pianist and violinist who perform live in the atrium. This ship balances a true maritime experience - think cradling your drink and staring out to sea with the sea breeze ruffling your hair - while infusing you with the comforting sense of a home away from home.

Great places to visit+-

Jade Wellness Centre

Work up a sweat in the fully-equipped gym or relax and unwind with a fabulous massage or treatment from the spa for a bit of ‘me’ time.

Observation Lounge

Tuck yourself away in the Observation Lounge that offers fine ocean views, giving you a peaceful place to relax with a good book.

Chef’s Table

On a gastronomical tour, sample delectable delights at the VIP Chef’s Table.


Entered Service: 28/05/1988

Tonnage: 63,786

Number of Decks: 11

Passenger Capacity: 1,800

Total Crew: 700

Number of Cabins: 775

Wheelchair Accessible Cabins: Yes

Number of Pools: 2

Number of Restaurants: 3

Kids Club: No

CALL TO BOOK: 0800 840 5824